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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  June 1, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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last minute attempt for support from california voters. details on where the candidates are today and what could be a last-minute entry to the race that could shake things up. sharks getting ready to drop the puck against the penguins in game 2 as the cleveland cavaliersarrive in the bay area. reaction from players as both bay area teams hunt for a championship. she is a lawyer, tv personality and successful business woman. star jones joins us live on set. ♪ working 9:00 to 5:00 >> perfect song for the day. working 9:00 to 5:00 by the queen dolly parton.
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she said it takes a lot of money to look this cheap. she is a wonderful artist, singer and actress. >> i love dolly. >> we are working about working 9:00 to 5:00 because we'll talk to star jones. you all know her from the view. she is a lawyer, an outspoken advocate for women's health and women in the workplace. we're going to talk about the issues women are facing in the workplace. she is speaking in silicon valley. a lot of tech companies essentially admitted they have a problem with diversity. we'll talk with her. >> and i wonder if she's pulling for the cavs or warriors. >> we'll ask that. >> that will be my question before we get into anything. >> she is in the green room right now. >> can't wait. it's been a while since california played a role in the the presidential nomination.
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>> ktvu's brian flores joins us live from city hall. >> good morning to you. here in san francisco, voters can cast a ballot early. early voting here in the city began on may 9th. polls open at 8:00. democratic presidential nominee called the california primary the big enchilada. candidates are holding a big event. bernie sanders continues his campaign in palo alto todayled he has two events planned. the first is not open fought blick. a community event discussion with asian and pacific aislanders. doors open for that event in palo alto at 11:30. polls conducted by the hoof institution at stanford university says that hillary clinton has a pretty sizable lead over san bernadino but a certain demographics could change the outcome. >> in our poll, bernie sanders
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swams clinton with a 2-1 margin with voters under the age of 30 but can they harness that on june 7th. >> as for clint, she will be in the bay area on thursday for five days of campaigning ahead of the primary. clinton received the endorsement of governor jerry one. she was also in new york and new jersey yesterday meeting with sorts and also meeting with new jersey senator cory booker who some say could be a possible vice-presidential choice. and donald trump will be in sacramento later today. the gop presumptive presidential nominee will hold a rally at the sacramento jet center tonight. he will be at at the san jose convention center. voters we spoke with say that the primaries up ahead means a lot. >> it's really pop for people to go out and vote. this is scary. this is not a reality show, we are live.
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>> taking it back live in front of san francisco city hall, we are seen a couple of people with voting materials on hand. back to you. >> thank you. some concerned republicans have come one a strategy to push for an alternative for donald trump. his name is david french, a conservative writer and iraq war veteran. he is known in conservative circles and is pushing for a run. the strategy is not that he could win outright but could take enough votes from both donald trump and hillary clinton to deny them a majority in the electoral college which would throw the election into congress where the state electoral college controlled by republicans would decide the election. and police are looking for
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two brazen san jose robbers. one man holds a long barreled weapon and knocks a 62-year-old woman out. he ransacks the draws. one of the gunmen was seen at the business a week earlier. >> i had a picture of one guy in my business and one week later, two men with a gun. >> the woman punched in the face was not seriously hurt in the attack. she is recuperating. the owner says that's the first time something like this has happened. the first suspect is described as a latino man, between 30 to 49 years of age, 5'10", 200 pounds. the second man is latino 5'10",
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200 pounds, wearing a black mask and black shirt with the letters dbd. san jose police are investigating a crash that killed a woman walking near interstate 680-6789 police received a 911 call about 12:30 this morning about a woman hit by a car on jackson avenue near 680. the woman was walking in one the lanes on jackson. authorities say that the drive went right there on to the on ramp at 680 and then stopped. police say that he is a 22-year- old san jose man driving without a license. he has been detained but police have not decided on whether he will be arrested. a witness kels ktvu that the woman who was in her 20s appears to have been under the influence now to the north bay. a cal osha team is at the site where the bottlerock festival was held over the week. a worker died there yesterday. the worker was part of a crew removing a stage when a steel
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beam fell on him. workers were able to remove the steel beam from the top of him but they were not able to revive hip. steve paulson, as we bring you in, are we going to see any 1100s like we saw yesterday? it's possible at clear lake, maybe ukiah. antioch was. brentwood in the mix. for some, does look a teeny bit cooler for some. bigger fog bank out there. much more pronounced and did make a little bit more of a push. the delta breeze is showing more strength today than yesterday. a lot of fog out there so the coast, hard for us to get above 50 or 60s. this time of the year, the huge barometer this time of the year. 73 already in brentwood, fairfield, 70 in livermore. 60s for many. temperatures over by the coast stuck in the 50s and 60s. it's already pretty warm.
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some locations running a teeny bill warmer. gilroy was 91. just the mere fact that we had a little bit more fog, i did take a couple of degrees off inland tells. does not mean that they won't be in the nineties. 60s, 70s and 80s and in tweefnlt all the approximatity to the coast or any breeze. friday looks to be warmer here. that will be the hottest day. we'll carry that into saturday. does look cool, you guys, on sunday. >> steve, sounds like a lot of air conditioners running in east bay. >> if i had one, i would turn it on. >> through go. san jose sharks back in action as they try teen up the finals against the penguins. joe fonzi has more from pittsburgh. >> reporter: in the first period monday night, the sharks looked like a team that was making its first stanley cup finals appearance in 25 years
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of exist edges. the pittsburgh penguins jumped on them for two quick goals. the sharks found their rhythm and evened up the game with two goals of their own. despite losing 3-2, the sharks to a man, felt like they could more than compete in this series. >> i think we realize we didn't play our best game to start. it's you tough to lose a game. but we have to learn our lessons. >> i that it's that we did a good job in that second period. we played pretty clean and force them to defend. >> the home team played a better game than us. so i think that we didn't find a way to get rewarded. we still got a chance to find our game. >> the team goes into the first road trip with the mentality that if you come out of it with a split, you would be in pretty
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good shape a win tonight and the sharks still have a chance to do that. in pittsburgh, joe fonzi, ktvu fox 2 news. of course, you have to have the gear. >> yeah, you do. >> look at this one. in will fit perfect for my son, i think. i like the little face there. >> the beard. yeah. >> playoffs. >> the little shark: this one is cool, too. >> this was sent to us by fan particulars. they sell licensed merchandise for all leagues. everything that you need to have there, available all at ladies have a v neck option and slimmer. phanatic from the sharks to the warriors. lebron and company scheduled to practice at oracle this afternoon.
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game 1 of the nba finals begins tomorrow night. oracle will be a very busy place right up until tipoff. we had a camera in there where preparations were underway. lighted logos are going up and the seats are being moved around to make way for all the reporters and the cameras that will be on hand. >> we'll peep for a very large contingent because we are getting people from all over the world, not just the u.s. and bay area. we'll go right up until game time thursday around the clock almost pretty much. >> he went on to say that the only time that the crew also have to stop is when the teams have practices. the warriors have practice in just about an hour. >> here is the schedule for the first four games. game 1 at observing cle tomorrow night tipoff at 6:00 p.m. game 2 in oakland 5:00 sunday night. action moves to cleveland for games 3 and 4 for next
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criminal investigation gets underway over how the boy actually got into that exhibit. >> reporter mike tobin has
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more. >> reporter: cincinnati police confirmed to fox news that an investigation is now underway to determine if criminal charges are warranted in the case of the four-year-old boy who got into the gorilla enclosure. critics say that the zoo is at fault due to the construction. >> what happened this last weekend made it very clear that the physical barriers at the cincinnati zoo are not at cat to keep people out of the enclosures. >> and they criticized the decision to shoot and killed 17- year-old harambe. the director of the zoo said that the enclosure exceeded protocol and said that the quick response team was trained. and the quick call lured two females away. and the zoo who is stronger than six men was becoming
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agitated. >> the monday morning  quarterbacks can't understand. >> this little boy could literally take that boy in ways that i could not describe. >> the campaign trail, donald trump agreed. takes one little flick of his finger and i will tell you they probably had no choice. >> reporter: with the mother heavily criticized because the little boy got away from her. the family has attempted to remain anonymous. a brief statement from the family thanked the staff at the cincinnati zoo and acknowledged the difficulty to kill harambe. we have been talking about this all week long since it happened. this morning, net key information that is there is a criminal investigation now under way and that's why we are asking you on twitter, should the parents or the zoo face any charges in what happened? we do hope you let us know make sure that you use that hashtag ktvuthe9. >> some of the other top
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stories that we are following are being followed in the newsroom. let's go to dave clark. >> there will be a candle light vigil tonight at pittsburg high school remembering two teenagers who teenagers who graduated. carranza was a senior last year and graduated. and ruiz was set to graduate in a few days police in union city are searching for a hit-and-run driver who injured a iewn on city motorcycle cop last night. reportedly, the driver put the car in reverse and slammed into the police officer's motorcycle. sky fox was over chelsea way near industrial way at a mobile home park. you can see more than a half dozen police cars were on the scene searching for that driver. we are still waiting for more
9:18 am
details as the investigation continues. >> the city of san jose wants to make life for brand new mother as little easier by creating special private rooms for breast feeding. san jose city councilman ash kahra is pushing for breast- feeding rooms after he said that visitorsasked to use a pumping room at city hall but there was not one. he pushing for added locations at city-owned facility. the children's museum, the zoo and san jose city hall. >> only place we could direct them to was the bathroom which was completely unacceptable. we cleared out my office, closed the shades and she was able to muse my office to use the pump. it was not thought of at the time. it should have been but wasn't. >> the councilman thinks it will cost about $55,000 for each lactation room. the budget is due to be approved this month. those are just a couple of
9:19 am
morning headlines from our news room. back to you. >> dave, thank you. we have some important information coming forward about that egyptair plane crash that killed 66 people in just the past week. a french company says it has detected a signal from the flight recorder from that egyptair plane. this is news coming from the associated press out of paris. the flight was headd from paris to cairo when it crashed into the sea. terrorism is now highly suspected. but now had be more proof. and it's been a week since pearl pinson was abducted. some new photos that police want you to see. and we are live with the owner about how this site can help people in the count get a new start on life.
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today is the launch of stocks of leopard action bay area company that does more than just set items >> we are joined by owner kelsey bond. >> sal said downline boutique. march the nuts and bold. >> this is part online boutique and we feature, clues civil usa made products, swim swear, sunglasses, jewelry and we are constantly looking for more usa made quality products that we can add to the website. and then the other portion of it is what i like to call the lifestyle section. i have called that the help pardons leap. it's where i compiled all kind of different resources to help people follow their dreams, strike out of their own as entrepreneur. >> plain how this is good for richmond, the city of richmond. that city does or could use
9:23 am
more economic development. >> absolutely. this is an e-commerce business. this is an online business. but just because we are based online does not mean that we can't couldn't put to our local community. we are committed to hiring local, shopping local and supporting local small businesses and entrepreneurs whenever possible. >> i know you have been in the city of rhythm mopped for several years, originally from southern california. your fresh eyes on the city of richmond. tell me what you see happening in that city right now. >> one of the biggest things that i see is untapped potential. there is no doubt that many soft most creative minds in the world have come from richmond in art and music. i feel this is a community that has a lot to offer the woild and i'm ecstatic to have a platform that i can provide more, greater access to the community for those folks that are talented and need the work. >> how did you come to choose
9:24 am
richmond. >> i live in richmond. i love richmond. there is a lot of talent there that's an up and coming city. the more we can do to support local free leansers and entrepreneurs, the more we can attract business, the more we'll explode and hopefully create more economic situations for everybody. >> what about the concept. was there a concept where something like this happened and you say, i want to do this. this is my direction, this is my goal? >> i think it might start back when i was six years old and had my first lemonade stand. i was from san diego, originally. it's cloudy and overcast by the water is going to have a lemonade stand but if i sold fresh baked cookie, i may get more revenue and attraction. that's something that's been in me since i was a little kid and i worked for a lot of small business organizations in the past. and just having a tremendous respect for what entrepreneurs
9:25 am
are doing here in america. i wanted to help. >> you got the bug early. how do you encourage people to get that entrepreneurship, that bug, if you will. >> a lot of different things that we are doing on our lie style section that we feature. a lot of different organizes that help entrepreneurs, specifically starting out when they are young and cultivating that bug, if you will, so to speak. so a lot of it is getting education out there and resources to help people see that this is not a dream. they can do whatever they want if they educate themselves, they work hard at it. they can do what have they want. let's talk about the lifestyle special of spots on a leopard. let's say that i'm planning a bridal shower for a girlfriend. i come to your website and i find what? >> a wide variety of things that's mostly geared towards your dreams and passion. you will find information for
9:26 am
small businesses, entrepreneurs. we have travel resources on there. i think that any chance that you can to go out and see the world, i think it helps you become a better person and bring back more knowledge when you do return home. >> i have to ask you about the name. where did it come from? >> well. >> what does it mean to you? >> spots on a leopard is something that my mom has been saying to me for a long tile. i have taken it to mean something slightly different. just like a human fingerprint, no two spots on a leopard are the same and no two leopards share the same spots. we encourage our customers to appreciate what makes them different, to respect others for their differences and to always embrace the person they were born to be. >> thank you for stopping on the 99 on this, your day of launching spots on a leopard. >> thank you, i appreciate it cutest call of for san francisco police. how police stepped in to help this lost sea lion pup and the
9:27 am
unique game they gave it and starr jones is here to speak at the san jose jobs fair. but she stops here and talks about today's hot topics.
9:28 am
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we are checking twitter. focusing on a story that we have been talking about all week long. the story of the four-year-old little boy who fell into the gorilla enclosure. it's taken twists and turns, the fact that is a possibility that some sort of criminal charges may be filed. we asked you, is it fair to charge the parents or the zoo? big buddy sisco says,ing a salutely. smh says, yes, the parents
9:30 am
should be. if they thought -- two people are saying the parent should be health responsible. >> nadia parker -- mike g ahead. >> dr. barbara jim george saying, for what in having a toddler escape their grasp? and dennis chimed in saying, no, they should not but should be financially responsible for the gorilla's funeral and replacement. >> and nadia parker says, no. all parents take their eyes off their children for 30 seconds or two minutes. and tom says, with all due respects, this is one the dumbest questions. tom, i disagree. respectfully disagree. >> the zoo or parents. >> for the enclosure. >> we take all your comments, even if perhaps you want us to ask different questions. >> i love the honesty. >> bring it. >> a section of interstate 5 in san joaquin county expected to
9:31 am
remain closed until friday. 33 near tracy, detour between highway 33 and 132. crews have been working around the clock since yesterday when the sinkhole was first discovered. when crews started to investigate the problem, it expanded. now it's so deep, there is construction equipment practically hidden underneath the freeway. the problem may be caused by a hidden irrigation pipeline. police officers union agreed to a set of rules which allows officers involved in a shooting to watch the video before filing the report. critics argue that will give police officers a chance to, quote, change their statement depending upon what the video shows. if the police commission
9:32 am
accepts the proposal, the cameras could be worn by august 1st. fran mayor ed lee included a portion-of-his budget for cameras. half goes to general fund such as transportation. and the other halfs if for public service like fire, police. and $32 million had be called for hemlessness. >> we will make homelessness rare, brief and a one-time occurrence. >> the proposed budget hinges on a sales tax increase on the november ballot. the budget proposal sets money aside for enhancing street cleaning, park and playground improvement and longer library
9:33 am
hours grief counselors are available at two oakland high schools after two students crowd. jamari wilson and josiah pratt were friends. they disappeared after jumping from a boat into woodward reservoir last saturday in san joaquin valley. their bodies were recovered yesterday. classmates at jamari at skyline high released balloons into the area. josiah attended emiliano street. jo jo was one the students who you knew exactly when he entered the building. he had just energy that was infectious, a beautiful smile. >> it's really sad to hear a class made passing tragically and a mother has to deal with that. >> the observing land unified school district released a statement saying that the district's thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friend of the two boys.
9:34 am
happening now, an arraignment is held for two teens implicated in the murder of a classmate. 17-year-old juan en ricks and 16-year-old edwin guevara will be tried as adults. one student survived but another one, aristide 18 edwin garra died from his injuries. >> we have believe it was a cold, premeditated callous murder that happened. that will become apparent as the case develops a. >> a third defendant who is connected to one the suspects is charged with accessory after the attack. and a third suspect is taught for a new developments in the case we brought to you.
9:35 am
there is a push to find out who that little girl who was buried under a san francisco house more than 100 years ago. one investigator says she has narrowed down the possibilities of her name by checking official record and newspapers. the investigator wants to fine find the map of the cemetery where the girl was buried before he releases the name. the search goes on for a missing vallejo missing teenager. >> pearl pinson was abducted at gunpoint. ate been a week now since 15- year-old perilipinson was taken at gunpoint from this pedestrian overpass that runs over interstate 780 here in vallejo. she was screaming at the time, asking for help and she was also bleeding, according to investigators and the teenager
9:36 am
has not been seen since. despite a massive search evident trend across the state. this morning, the solano county sheriff's office is asking you to take a very close look at this purple and green joker back pack. it's similar to the one that wearl was wearing last week. if you see this back pack, put in a kowl to the sheriff's office right away. and investigators want you to take a look at the suspected kidnapper's car with several disticket stickers on it. investigator are looking to find out where the kidnapper was before he was ultimately killed during a shootout with police. pearl's family, classmates and friends are holding out hope that she can be brought home safe. she's terrified with the situation she's going through. >> before 19-year-old fernando castro was killed last week, he was spotted driving through
9:37 am
marin county on the richmond- san rafael bridge, the golden gate bridge and the sir fran 'tis drake boulevard. investigators are asking businesses in that area to check their surveillance cameras to see if they caught him on it late wednesday and early thursday. police believe that pinson may have been shot accidently because there was so much blood. that's why pinson's friends and families are growing more and more worried. back to you. >> if you have any information on where pearl might be, put in a call to this hotline. it is (707)784-1963. she is a lawyer. a tv personality, and a successful business woman. now star jones is the president of the national association of
9:38 am
professional women. here is here in the bay area to speak. but she is here on the 9. >> i have to ask you first the question we put to our viewer about the little boy who fell into the gorilla en closure. should there be criminal charges on either side? you are a lawyer. what's your take i don't know the law as it relates to this particular case. i know that there are some questions as to negligence on both the zoo's side as well as the parents' side. i quite frankly was just upset that people were spending so much time not looking at ways we can fix it. i'm a solution-oriented person rather than a blame oriented person. i'm not sure that criminal charges are merited but an investigation certainly is. >> this is the kind of thing that you used to talk about on your tv show when you started. do you miss having a daily platform to talk about the issue like this. >> i still have a daily platform but not a daily
9:39 am
national network television platform. i get the opportunity to represent women all across the country. i mean, napw has 180,000 members, 200 chapters, 16,000 women in a virtual e chapter. i'm one of the lucky ones, 25 years of daily television and i think that this is time for me to now walk in my purpose and be the advocate for women that i really want to be. >> let's talk about today and tomorrow in the south bay. >> oh, yeah. >> and women in the workplace. >> absolutely. i'm here. we have a career fair diversity career fear, redefining what it is. we have big event took about that. and so the career fair today is at the san jose convention center. it is to help redefine diversity. so, of course, it includes people of color. but it also includes the lgbt community, veterans, the disabled and, of course, the largest group which is women. and then tomorrow, on santana row, one of my faith places in
9:40 am
the bay area, the left bank brasserie and i are hosting a powerful event for women. it is a lunch for women. >> is that what you want to drive home, the con sent networking? >> 100%. the power of networking is what got me my job, into law school, a scholarship to college and to law school and then taught me public speaking. got me the gig at the view al those years ago. it wasn't an agent or a lawyer even though i paid them my money. it was the power of networking, having been nice a television young associate producer many, many years earlier. lo and behold, he became a producer at bawa, the barbara walters company.
9:41 am
so be nice to anybody. know a little bit more about the person you are trying to connect with than they do about you. so walk in with your homework done. that's what i'm hoping to too many people. >> this could be an opportunity for women because, now, tech companies are looking for more qualified women, people of color, lgbt. as you mentioned. they are looking for people. they want to change that balance. could thb the opportunity? >> be a chutely. at the convention center in san jose, there are a number of employers that we brought in who specifically made the commitment to want to hire diversity. it's no longer just the right thing to do. my dad always says, if it does not make money, it doesn't make sense. diversity and inclusion in the workplace makes money and makes sense. that's how you move to having commonality with your consumer base. >> you talked in the beginning how you are nice to everybody,
9:42 am
kept the connections. at a certain point, i tell young women especially not to be afraid to speak up. women don't ask. men do ask and they get ain't we don't. and we don't know how to negotiate well. that's one thing that women can learn from men. you have to stand in a space that you know you occupy. you have to know what your worth is but you have to come prepared. 100% prepared. make sure that your skill set is ready. make sure that you know what the comps are in your industry. if you are looking for that plum assignment for that raise, what have you done for me lately is what your boss is going to think. whenever you are working towards advancing in a business, you have to bring something more to the table than an appetite. you are not just the one to be fed. everyone employer want to hear these word. i can add value to your business by doing x, y and see.
9:43 am
>> are there are pockets in the country where you tend to see more dprifness in women in the workplace compared to other parts in the country. >> here is the place where women are really standing in their space and women have achieved a certain extent, here in the silicon valley area. i mean for the first time, a woman has landed in the top 10 of the highest paid ceos on oracle. i know that there are major advances but not enough, obviously. women still make anywhere from 78 to 82 cents to a man's dollar and 40% of all women -- 40% of all household are headed by women. equal pay for equal work is a big issue. i've been talking about it you a cross the country as i've been traveling for hillary clinton. you know i've opinion a been add -- i've' been an advocate for her. >> star, you are good on tv.
9:44 am
[ laughter ]. >> this is not my first rodeo. we are trying to move the business world and our community together. this is what inclusion is about: before we let you go, i told our viewers i wanted to ask you about the cleveland cavaliers or the golden state warriors. you have a blue dress on. >> i'm telling you right now i'm telling steph curry. come back anytime. i love what you are seeing. >> he is everything that you would want. >> so inspiring. >> wonderful. >> wonderful. hi. is the internet still out? yes! i have nothing. come on! work together. work together. work together. do you got anything? i don't have anything.
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brett danon is our singer and song writer from northern california. and he is touring through the golden state. ♪ i am in he is performing at san francisco's great american music hall. >> and the last show is tonight. this morning, he joins us rye -- right here on the 9. >> dude, you cut your hair. >> not much. >> i go three or four weeks without a hair cut. i cut it really short and let it grow to what have you just saw. >> i love that song "wild child". >> thank you. >> one, i was a wild child. two, i love tahoe. you are a northern california guy. what is it like coming through the state and touring and doing what you love. >> it's amazing.
9:48 am
it's home to me mere. >> your songs are folksy, personal. cassidy, who is this cassidy that you are singing about? >> well, that's my girlfriend but i changed her name. you do draw on your own life? >> yes. >> it's interesting. people say that's how i feel about my girlfriend or my youth. do you feel personalizing about your story many yes, i make music verdict personal to me. i want to sing something that i care about. the more specific you are about your own self and journey, the mother people can you relate to it. >> do you have any singer song writers that you liked growing up that may have influenced your music. >> absolutely. paul simon probably my all time faith. van morrison another hero of mine. do you like to be compared to
9:49 am
those? >> i would love to be compared to them. >> have you played with them. >> i have not. you will one day. >> what type of writer are you today when you write songs compared to ten years ago? have you grown as a writer? >> it changes a lot. every time i write a song, that's different. there was a time when songs would fire out of me like a cannon. lots to say. i was tapping into words, music was coming everywhere out of me. now, i have to pull my teeth, and maybe create a little bit of drama to dive deep and explore my emotions more. >> why is that in. >> because i think you get to a point where you said everything you really need to say and you go back and say things over again or reach a little bit more. reach a little deeper. >> you are going through the tour right now and i asked you during the commercial about festivals. do you like playing festivals? big ones in monterey.
9:50 am
>> i do. that's a rush. playing great american is a small venue. nice to do multiple nights there, because it's a small intimate show and you can work with nuance. but at the big festival, you can see the crowd move and you get member back. and people passing by who never heard of me might stick around for a while. >> people who heard but, the newest album, por favor is number 1 on the charts. talk about the fact that your patients encouraged you early on in would your passion for music. >> yes, there was a guitar and piano in the home. my brother and sister were gifted. not just music but art. i could draw when i was a young. my parents are artists. they taught us to be cot forthable expressing ourselves
9:51 am
through art. started withdrawing and by the time i could hold a guitar, i made music. >> people want to get into music and you did it. what advice do you have for someone who wants to express themselves in way? >> oh, man, great question. thank you for asking me that. i think it's anybody that's trying to make it as musician, they should go for it because that's the best time to be a musician, right now. there is just so many tools within your reach. you don't need a big label. you don't need big time management or representation. ate easy toit's easy to record. that's an artist-driven time. for me, i say something personal. i speak for my heart and my song. do something authentic. be yourself and work hard. >> be honest and go? >> yeah. there you go >> find your own cassidy, as it were. and brent, of course,
9:52 am
performing tonight. ticket still available for the show. look for information by going to and click on the web link session. one more listen real quick to wild child. just in my mind. take it away as we go to a break. congratulations again. >> thank you. >> nice warriors shirt. >> yeah. >> through go. go. -- there you go.
9:53 am
9:54 am
giants pitcher jake peavy
9:55 am
made sure his birthday was a success. he went to the mound against the braves in atlanta and faced the machine number 21 batters. that's his longer outing. he allowed just one hit in the 5th inning. bruce bochy said he might have left the pitcher out there if he were not turning 35. giants win 4-0 giving them 16 wins in their last 19 games. >> that's right. 12 games over .500 now. oakland a's opened up the month of may on the d.l. but finished it as one of the hottest hitters in baseball. he has three runs against the twins yesterday. the a's won their fourth game in a row beating minnesota 7-4. a's and twins at it again before a little matinee out of the colyseum, 12:35.
9:56 am
food is precious. for years, we thought that food like turk ear and warm milk would help people to go sleep but there are a lot of myths. late at night, spicy foods could cause acid reflux. seas that the study was funded in part by the cherry marketing board so keep that in mind san francisco police helped to help rescue a baby sea lion. a sea lion pup was found near the stairwell. they stayed with it until people from the marin mammal arrived. the officers called the pup george bison. george is the call for the station and the buy some is the mascot for the police team. giants saw that giant alligator taking a stroll at the buffalo creek golf course. i would stay away.
9:57 am
>> the map who recorded this video says ate not unusual to see alligators out there on the golf course but this one looks like jurassic park, estimated to be 15 to 16 feet long. >> by all means, stroll through. >> look at him go slowly. see you for more news at non. >> coming in close.
9:58 am
9:59 am
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live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." >> wendy: how you doin'? the kids have come to play today. you won't believe what i'm about to tell you. all due respect, have several seats. my girls are always turned out. i give it to you straight, no chaser. ♪ >> now, here's wendy! [ cheers and applause ] >> wendy: hey! welcome to the show. thank you very much for watching today! [ applause ]


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